…and they call it mellow yellow!

I spotted the dress below in Miss Selfridge a while back! But, like most things in Miss Selfridge I thought it was very over-priced (for a day dress especially). At full price this dress would set me back by almost 70 blips! However, a few weeks afer spotting it initially I popped into the Miss Selfridge store in Galway city and found it on a sale-rail. It was marked down to half price, and what is even better is; Miss Selfridge give a student discount on top of sale price! This is rare and I would encourage anyone to pop into the store when they have a sale as even their mark downs alone are great!

I wanted to wear this dress on a sunny day- without tights. But, with our famous summer weather I wore tights with it!

I love detailed collars on blouses, dresses, blazers etc. This collared dress is very feminine. The swirl detail on the collar adds a vintage and post WW2 touch to the dress. The pleated detail from the waist down makes this dress look quite preppy, yet tailored.


I accessorized this dress with black tights and shoes. My Irregular Choice reliables match the white-collar on the dress as well as the rest of my black and white accessories. I also wore a couple of bracelets; one with white flowers, another that had pearls, as well as a multi-coloured pastel beaded bracelet. I added cute small rose stud earrings and my trusty white and black head scarf!



Finally I added a plain black round neck cardi and my black sachel-like handbag to complete this casual, preppy yet feminine look! x



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